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Welcome Back!


Welcome back! CAPSC wishes you and your family a great year of learning.

As the 2016/17 school year begins, we encourage parents to get involved in what’s happening at their children’s schools.  Calgary’s kids need your voice and your support.

Recognizing CAPSC’s 2015/16 Outstanding School Volunteers

Respectful | Focused | Energetic | Community-building | Leaders

The words you read above were used to describe our outstanding school volunteers. Parents and community members make an enormous contribution to education, and these five were nominated by their peers for their service in 2015/16.

Danielle AndersonRoyal Oak School
As 2015/16 joint chair for the Royal Oak council, Danielle was at the school almost daily to lend a hand with everything from classroom support to Calgary Reads to committee work. Her nominators describe her as ‘incredible’ and ‘selfless’ – the first to step forward when anyone needs help. Thank you, Danielle!

Katey Fok | Olympics Heights School
Katey is the quiet force and initiative behind many events that power the soul of Olympic Heights School. From food bank drives to staff appreciation lunches and bake sales, she is the first volunteer to arrive and the last one cleaning up at the end of an event.  Her cheer and contagious smile bring fun and warmth to her community. Thank you, Katey!

Nicole Lukach | Nellie McClung School
Nicole completed a second year as Nellie McClung council chair in 2015/16. During her terms, she pulled together passionate parents to complete two significant projects – a learning commons area and school council website. She also organized enrichments including Calgary Reads literacy programs, and social learning programs for students and their parents. Her calm, respectful and focused leadership helped bring the community together.  Thank you, Nicole!

Sara Saunders | W.O. Mitchell School
For several years, Sara has spent her spare time organizing fundraisers, helping in classrooms, at school events and field trips, and otherwise supporting the W.O. Mitchell School community. Children in the school know her well, as she read in kindergarten weekly and acted as room parent. Her nominator says she inspires others to follow in her footsteps, making the school the best that it can be for the kids.  Thank you, Sara!

Stacey Schaub-Szabo | École Sam Livingston School
Stacey stepped up to become Spirit Coordinator for École Sam Livingston school council when her first daughter was in kindergarten. Seven years later she is still going strong, constantly finding new ways to give back, serve the community, and put the focus on the kids. Stacey established and grew many spirit and fundraising events. Her welcoming and inclusive attitude allows the school to continually recruit and maintain and active roster of parent volunteers. Thank you Stacey!

We are delighted to recognize the work of these five dedicated Calgarians.

Parent Tips

This Metro article contains a few reminders and pointers for getting back to school.

If you are a CBE parent, you may find the following links useful:

Find your 2016-17 yellow bus stop

Questions about the beginning of the school year

Opting in
To meet anti-spam legislation requirements, parents must now opt in to receive ‘commercial messages’ coming from the school. This includes anything that involves a payment, such as cafeteria menus, field trips including fees, yearbooks, school pictures and council fundraisers. Watch for an e-mail coming home from your school about subscribing to School Messenger. Sign up and stay in the loop!

CAPSC in the year to come

CAPSC executive keep an eye on what’s happening in education, and speak on behalf of parents.  Keep us posted on what is happening with your child’s education, so we can update education stakeholders.

Want to support CAPSC? We can always use help bringing more events and services to Calgary parents. To volunteer, or if you have a question or concern about your school or with education in general, please contact us.


Position Statement | Open Letter to Minister Eggen:
Math Learning and Parent Voice

Dear Minister Eggen;

A recent letter from Deputy Minister of Education Curtis Clarke states the department has cut off communication with Dr. Tran-Davies on the issue of math education. “We consider the matter of how mathematics is taught at individual schools closed at this time and will not be communicating further with you on this topic,” Clarke says.

CAPSC executive is very concerned by this move, as the response seems to downplay the concerns of many Calgary parents who need solutions. Read CAPSC’s full post here. 


CBE releases transportation plan for 2016/17 school year

CAPSC requests that the CBE invest in the technology and training recommended in the independent technical review, and that Alberta Learning provide additional short-term funding to support transportation of special needs students in the CBE system.

Improving public consultation on issues affecting Alberta’s largest public school system is a step in the right direction. Recently, the CBE brought forward six possible scenarios to manage the gap in transportation funding.  Read CAPSC’s full recommendation here.


Wednesday, April 20
7 PM | Connect Charter School | 5915 Lewis Drive SW

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) in Education | Dr. Gina Cherkowski

Dr. Gina Cherkowski is a mathematics educator and researcher, a STEM professor and educational game changer. She earned a double cognate Ph. D. in mathematics education and culture studies. Dr. Cherkowski believes all students can, and should be, mathematically literate in the 21st century.

Link here to access the full post.



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Bill 10

CAPSC executive is hearing from many parents in regard to Bill 10. CAPSC is not taking action on this issue. We agree that individual parents are best positioned to provide input to policymakers, and as such we are not making any representations on behalf of parents. Our executive voted to make information sent to us available to allow parents to form their own opinions about the legislation and related concerns.

Background Information on Bill 10

Parent-Led Response