Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils
Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday November 21st 2012
A.E. Cross School Library
7:00 pm

1)        Meeting called to order at 7:15 by President Jeff Bowes (weather delay)

2)        Jeff Bowes provided information on a group of parents attempting to revise playground zone start times.

3)        Joy Bowen-Eyre
Joy discussed items from the Trustees.
– COSC follow up
– Alberta Education Act
– School council survey

4)        Guest Speakers:

Denise Kitagawa, past president Calgary Science School Council and Rob Pegg, parent volunteer at CSS

Ms. Kitagawa discussed how students and teachers utilize technology.  Uses range from school projects to communication.
She surmised that part of the reason for the high volunteer rate in the school is owed to excellent communication, which is achieved through e-newsletters, automated text messages and email correspondence.
Mr. Pegg discussed statistics regarding children’s technology use.  He also presented on parenting the digital generation.

 Brant Parker, Director of Innovation and Learning (CBE)

Mr. Parker discussed social media within the context of a school council including linking information with the school.  He also covered the use of email, social media and other forms of technological communication.
A CBE handout was provided following the discussion.

Jim Scott, Principal Bishop Pinkham School

Mr. Scott discussed his successes using a Weblog as a communication tool.

5) Meeting adjourned 9:00pm