Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils
Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday September 19th 2012
A.E. Cross School Library
7:00 pm

1)        Meeting called to order at 7:05 by President Jeff Bowes

2)        Jeff Bowes introduced special guests

3)        Carol Bazinet
Carol discussed items from the Trustees.
– Sept. 29th – Do YYC Naked – See behind the scenes at Dr. Carl Safran Centre (10-4:00)
– Oct. 24th – “We did it” – looking for volunteers
– Oct. 25th – First meeting to interact with parents (COSC)

4)  Debra Hidson – Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta
Debra discussed the many successes of students that have participated in the programs.  Parent volunteers are required to deliver the programs.  They have just started piloting technology applications.

5)        Guest Speakers:

Joan Engel , Executive Director, Education Program Standards and Assessment Division, Merla Bolender, Executive Director, Programs of Study and Resources

The two discussed curriculum redesign based on Inspiring Education dialogue.  The basis for redesign centers around “3 E’s” – creating Engaged thinkers, and Ethical citizens with Entrepreneurial spirit.  They discussed the new design, how the processes were being handled differently and timetables for implementation.  They provided handouts for all areas of discussion.

Following the presentation, Ms. Engel and Ms. Bolender prompted discussion based on two thoughts:

What opportunities do these shifts offer for our children?
How might parents want to be involved in and/or be kept informed about curriculum redesign?

The discussion encouraged participants to begin engaging their schools in the discussion and to help bring diverse backgrounds together.

8)  Meeting adjourned at 8:56