Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils
Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday, January 23rd 2013
A.E. Cross School Library
7:00 pm

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm

1) Presidents Report
– Guest introduction
– AGM reminder
– Upcoming meeting info.

2) Trustee Liaison Report
– COSC coming up in April
– Area meetings scheduled for Feb. 4, 6 and 11
– Budget being announced

Jeff moved to cancel April meeting in lieu of COSC.  Members unanimously voted in favor of not having an April CAPSC meeting.

3) Safe Streets Initiative
Guest Presenters: Jillian Millar Drysdale and Karen Lloyd
Initiative aims to align playground and school zones times to include all school start times.  They are looking to increase awareness on the issue and have a petition that can be signed.  Handouts were provided.

4) Promoting Communication Among School Councils
Options: Facebook, Discussion forums, Email list serve, Blog
Members gathered as groups to discuss pros and cons of the offered communication tools.

Results in favor:
Facebook – 13
Discussion forums – 19
List serves – 8
Blog – 10

5) Setting Guidelines for Establishing Public Opinion
Top help establish membership opinion on issues, the executive came up with two discussion topics as examples.  Members were asked to discuss in groups and follow up with an indication of their position on a scale-based drawing.  Results from the polls could then be used when CAPSC is asked about a topic from the media.

Sheets kept for the record.

Meeting adjourned 9:03pm.