MEETING | 7 – 9 PM | Monday, November 16 2015

Evergreen Theatre’s Oak Room | 1709 8th Ave NE | Mayland Heights

All parents are welcome to join us to discuss issues of concern in education. Our agenda will include the following topics:

Current Action Items

  • CBE Communication with Parents – CBE administration and the Board of Trustees are currently discussing how to improve communication with parents. We thank trustees for making this a point of discussion at the November 5 Council of School Councils.  Do our parent members have suggestions for improving communication?
  • Transportation – Walk a Kilometre in My Shoes Event – Parent concerns about transportation include long walks to bus stops, reduced service, longer drives, and concerns about safety related to tightly scheduled buses. The plan is to move middle school and junior high students to public transit, with an associated doubling of cost.
    Do you have thoughts to share about the CBE’s transportation changes? Access our stakeholder form or keep us in the loop by sending a brief email to
  • Math Learning – The province has directed school boards to ensure math basics are being taught. What feedback do parents have on student understanding of math?  Recent PAT scores indicate that 30 per cent of grade 9 students are failing. What processes and programs is your school using to ensure that math achievement improves?
  • School Fees & Budget Transparency – Parents and councils currently fund everything from band-aids to computer technology.  Recent changes to CBE transportation services have directly affected family schedules and budgets.  For this reason, our executive recommends more transparency on how funds are being used at the administrative level.

Input from CAPSC Membership

As our September meeting was brief, we will continue the discussion of what topics in education interest our parents. Possibilities include:

  • sharing best practices in schools
  • current status of the Inspiring Education initiative and curriculum changes
  • resources for children with learning challenges
  • particular areas of interest such as math, science or a second language
  • regional concerns for feeder elementary, middle, junior and high school programs in different  geographical parts of Calgary
  • interest for meetings focusing on the needs of specific educational groups, including elementary, middle/junior high and high schools.

CAPSC Needs You – Call for Volunteers

CAPSC belongs to parents. What better way to help it grow than by volunteering your time and talents? Our executive would appreciate volunteers to assist with the following tasks:

  • Assistance with certain organizational tasks, including booking meeting space or mailings, finding speakers on topics of interest, or doing research.
  • Organizers for the School Council Volunteer/Traffic Safety awards.

If you are willing to help, please e-mail and we will contact you when we have a volunteer requirement.

Learn more about CAPSC’s purpose and actions.

We look forward to the November 16 discussion, and invite you to RSVP to