Thanks to all of you who have supported CAPSC’s actions and events through the past year! Your support helped create significant change to the way that the CBE is now involving parents in decision-making. More ways to provide parent perspective on education are coming up in the next few weeks.

Upcoming AGM & STEM Talk 

CAPSC’s Annual General Meeting | Wednesday, April 20
7 PM | Connect Charter School | 5915 Lewis Drive SW

If CAPSC has helped you in past, please consider supporting education by joining our executive. Even a few hours a month make a big difference to the services we are able to offer to Calgary parents. Whether your skills include advocacy, event planning or accounting, we can use you! Join us to vote in CAPSC’s 2016/17 executive and to review bylaws in need of updating.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) in Education | Dr. Gina Cherkowski

Dr. Gina Cherkowski is a mathematics educator and researcher, a STEM professor and educational game changer. She earned a double cognate Ph. D. in mathematics education and culture studies. Dr. Cherkowski believes all students can, and should be, mathematically literate in the 21st century. Her Mathematics Education Research uses digital technology to teach math visually by engaging the spatial temporal reasoning system, in partnership with the MIND Research Institute in California. Through her research, Dr. Cherkowski has noted that teaching math in ways that engage the spatial temporal reasoning system leads to increases in engagement, increased performance and conceptual understanding for students that typically struggle with math. In a quest to ensure all students are mathematically literate, Dr. Cherkowski has developed highly engaging math lessons that use robotics, programming, and other digital tools to foster computational literacy, conceptual understanding, mathematical problem solving and other critical mathematics skills. Through her role at STEM Alberta, Dr. Cherkowski advocates to ensure all students are equipped with the necessary skills, abilities and mindsets to be full and productive citizens in a rapidly-changing digital world. This starts with getting all kids engaged in mathematics. Math is the gatekeeper to educational opportunities, to greater career opportunities, to higher paying jobs, and to the STEM fields. Sadly, math is far too often the reason many kids drop out, disengage, or walk away from school altogether. In addition to volunteering for STEM Alberta, Dr. Cherkowski founded STEM Learning Lab as a way to get meaningful STEM activities to kids so they are aptly positioned to reap the rewards and benefits of our highly technological world.

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Transportation Update

If you want to take part in the upcoming discussion about transportation, find full details and sign up for one of the group workshops to be held on April 6, 7 and 12 using the link below. Community forums will also be held on April 16th.  The technical study on the CBE’s transportation system is now available.

CBE Public Engagement 

The CBE website now lists current opportunities to give feedback on upcoming decisions. Planning on budget, school openings, and a long term transportation strategy is now underway. Visit for full details.

Changes to CAPSC Bylaws

The AGM will include a vote on the following proposed changes:

A. Proposed Change to Membership Bylaw

4.3.1 Membership Year – The membership year is one year from the date payment is received.

4.3.2 Setting Membership Fees – Each school year, executive may review the membership fee, and after consultation with the membership body, schedule new fees to take effect with 30 days notice. 

4.4.5 – Only members who are listed and in good standing seven days prior to the AGM shall be entitled to vote.

For the 2016/17 year, our executive recommends that individual memberships be free. This will allow more parents to have a voice in education in a time when many families are experiencing financial difficulties and CAPSC is actively building membership.

B. Change to Meetings of the Society Bylaw

5.1.1 – The Society holds its Annual General Meeting in Calgary 13 months less a day from the last Annual General Meeting. The Board sets the place, day, and time of the meeting.

Communicating with CAPSC

If you have a question or concern about your school or with education in general, please contact us. For more frequent updates on what is happening in education, please visit and like CAPSC’s Facebook page.