Thanks to those caring for Wood Buffalo’s evacuees

Parents know that teachers make an enormous difference in the daily lives of our children, but may not stop to think about what happens when crisis hits. As fire devastated Fort McMurray, school staff made sure that children in their care were safe. 

Kudos to the schools, community organizations and corporations who have opened their hearts and doors to help the residents of the Wood Buffalo region, as well as the first responders who are on scene. If you would like to share a similar story about school staff or parents who went above and beyond the call of duty, or what your school community is doing to help with the wildfire crisis, please let us know and we will post the information here and on our website.

Lend a hand

Many of us are thinking of Alberta residents who have lost everything in a devastating wildfire. You can be a wildfire hero too – volunteer or donate to help.



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