Nominate a School Volunteer

Volunteer Recognition

Each year, CAPSC recognizes the Calgary volunteers who make an enormous difference to the success of our schools and students. Do you know a master community builder, fundraising champ, financial wizard or amazing event organizer? Tell us how this person’s involvement has improved your school community. Your nominee will receive a certificate of recognition and a copy of your letter, and you will both be invited to our volunteer event in autumn 2016. If you know a volunteer that deserves city-wide applause, please take a moment to nominate that person.

Welcome to CAPSC’s 2016/17 Executive

CAPSC welcomes our new co-presidents Gerald Bartels and Andrea Brehm, along with our executive team Althea Adams, Sheri Bolitho, Lisa Davis, Kelly Guggisberg, Michael McIntosh and Jillian Millar Drysdale. Thanks to our outgoing executive for their service in 2015/16.

Access the 2016 AGM Minutes.

About the Alberta fires

Parents know that teachers make an enormous difference in the daily lives of our children, but may not stop to think about what happens when crisis hits. As Fort McMurray was evacuated, school staff made sure that children in their care were safe.

CAPSC thanks these educators and all of the first responders, volunteers and community organizations who supported others during the Wood Buffalo wildfire. You can be a wildfire hero too – visit our site for tips on how to help or donate.

CBE Transportation Update

If you have taken part in the CBE’s transportation consultation, you will be aware that six scenarios have been brought forward for parent review. The current $5 million gap in the transportation budget will be made up either through cuts to service or by increased parent fees.

Without additional funding, service levels will continue to deteriorate. In our commentary, CAPSC executive request that the CBE invest in the technology and training recommended in the independent technical review, and that Alberta Learning provide additional short-term funding to support transportation of special needs students in the CBE system.

A contact form is available on our website for parents who would like to communicate with stakeholders in education about transportation in the 2016/17 school year.

Parents play a role in improving transportation efficiency.  Please let the CBE know whether your child might take the bus next year. While you can choose to cancel the service later, anticipating the correct numbers ensures there is enough room for all the students who want to ride.

Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Learning Talk

Thanks to mathematics educator and research Dr. Gina Cherkowski, who joined our April meeting to discuss STEM learning. A passionate and collaborative educator, Dr. Cherkowski is highly involved in developing successful STEM education strategies. She spoke about how future jobs will depend on proficiency in this area. In addition to volunteering for STEM Alberta, Dr. Cherkowski founded STEM Learning Lab as a way to get meaningful STEM activities to kids so they are aptly positioned to reap the rewards and benefits of our highly technological world.

Changes to Parent Communication

CBE is installing a new website and communication system for parents, and will be updating CBE parent council pages as part of that process. In order to comply with the anti-spam legislation, parents must opt in to receive ‘commercial messages’ from their fundraising associations. Agreeing to receive these messages allows the CBE and your parent association to inform you about any school-related events or activities that involve a financial transaction, such as school fundraisers, parent education sessions that involve a ticket price. Watch for more information coming from the CBE in regard to opting-in.

Clarification on Bill 10 

In the last newsletter, CAPSC included information about parent response to Bill 10.  We agree that individual parents are best positioned to provide input to policymakers, and as such we are not making any representations on behalf of parents on this issue. We realized almost as soon as the update went out that important information with respect to CAPSC not taking a position was missing, and updated the website as follows:

CAPSC executive is hearing from many parents in regard to Bill 10. CAPSC is not taking action on this issue. Our executive voted to make information sent to us available to allow parents to form their own opinions about the legislation and related concerns. If you would like to share a link that outlines an opinion in favour or against this legislation, please contact us.

Thank you for supporting CAPSC’s actions. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.

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