Welcome back!

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a happy and safe summer and we look forward to catching up with all of you throughout this upcoming year.  We've already been busy planning for the 2013/2014 school year and have lined up our first meeting of the fall for Wednesday September 18th 7:00pm AE Cross school library (3445-37 St SW).

We have updates about what the executive has been working on over the summer and will also be hosting special guest speakers from the CBE who will discuss personalization of learning and Iris.  Please join us for our first meeting of this year, it will be an excellent opportunity to hear from our speakers as well as network with other parents and school council members.  Everyone is invited, so please join us!

CAPSC Membership

Don't delay - now is the time to purchase your CAPSC membership!

CAPSC welcomes and encourages all parents and parent councils to join our organization. Membership delivers a range of vital resources to parents and parent councils including support, information exchange, advocacy opportunities, policy shaping input, and issue based discussion. Our monthly meetings provide a forum which allow school councils and parents to network and develop a united voice. Our members also represent parent views on a range of CBE committees and forums. Our newsletter, delivered by e-mail, provides a range of information that helps parents be active and knowledgeable participants in their children’s education.  While many of our services are available to non-members, your memberships also increase our credibility, advocating for you as representatives of the community of parents councils.  

Membership fees are $50 per school council per year, $80 per school council for two years, or $15 per individual parent. These fees support our networking and communication work.

For more information on membership, please e-mail info@capsc.ca.


Traffic Safety Committee/week

Over the summer we were pleased to announce the formation of a new Traffic Safety Committee. Jillian Millar-Drysdale and Karen Lloyd have joined CAPSC as executive members and taken the lead on this committee. Their goal is to improve safety for children and youth as they make their way to and from school, including exiting and entering vehicles near schools. We are pleased to announce a city-wide Traffic Safety Week September 23-27th.  There are many ways that your children and schools can participate, so click here for how you can get involved. 

For further information on what the traffic safety committee is doing please see our Resource section, or contact traffic@capsc.ca.

Trustee forums

The municipal elections are just around the corner and this year CAPSC has partnered with CivicCamp to co-host three public school board trustee forums at various locations throughout Calgary.  Our president, Jeff Bowes, will be facilitating all three forums, so please come on out to one of the following forums and hear what the candidates have to say:

Citizens’ Public School Board Trustee 1+2, 3+4 Forum (new date)
Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 7pm
Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association Hall
5600 Centre St. N Calgary

Citizens’ Public School Board Trustee 5+10, 6+7, 8+9 Forum (new venue and date)
Thursday, October 10, 2013, 7pm
Triwood Community Association Hall
2244 Chicoutimi Drive NW

Citizens’ Public School Board Trustee 12+14, 11+13 Forum
Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 7pm
Lake Bonavista Recreation Centre
Lake Bonavista Dr SE

CivicCamp has also created a crowdsourcing website where you can have a say in the questions that the candidates will be asked.  This really is an excellent opportunity to get answers to the questions you feel are important.  It is easy and quick to use, so please take a minute to check it out.  And don't delay, the forums are coming up soon! Please visit their Uservoice site to participate and have your voice heard! 

Helping Boys Learn Workshop

From time to time CAPSC will receive information on upcoming events and workshops, and when we do, we like to share them with you. 

Please see the workshop information below if you are interested in the topic of discussion.  We are also pleased to announce that we will be giving away two FREE tickets to this great event.  Members in attendance at our September meeting will have the chance to win, so make sure you purchase or have a current CAPSC membership!

Helping Boys Learn Workshop for Parents: Oct. 10, 2013
This informative, entertaining and practical workshop led by author/educator Dr. Edmond J. Dixon will teach parents a new way to help their sons become passionate and successful learners. Each workshop registrant will receive a copy Dr. Dixon's book Helping Boys Learn: 6 Secrets for Success in School. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. LOCATION TO COME. $55 + HST. Info: here or 1-877-746-8963