Your attendance on Wednesday June 25 will impact decisions this September.

Wednesday we invite everyone to meet at A.E.Cross school at 7pm to show the Province of Alberta that Education is important and needs to be given more attention and resources. We have arranged a forum with PC Alberta Leadership candidates to let them, and everyone else, know that we need to have resources for our children's classrooms and schools. The Province will be watching to see how many people come out. If we have a strong showing, then the decisions made in September by the new Premier will reflect our concerns.
Perhaps no other 1 1/2 hours of your time will make a bigger difference in your child's future education than this 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday June 25.  Whatever your political views may be, this meeting is important for many reasons other than politics. You will have the chance to ask the hard questions and get people thinking about what really matters in this Province: our children - our future! Standing together, we are strong!
Come and show that Education and our children should be a priority to Alberta!

Karen Lloyd
The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)