School Traffic Jams are around the corner!

We are working to solve that problem. 

Join with us this year and make things better. It's easy to do. Together we can have an enormous effect. It's like doing "the wave" at a football game: the actions are very simple but the timing and coordination make a huge impact. 

September 29 - October 3

Calgary's School Traffic Safety Week

Schools and groups in Calgary can join together to do 6 simple during this week that will make a big difference:

1. Email this Calgary Police Services approved brochure to parents. It's a quick reminder of school traffic safety and rules.

2. Do a simple 10 minute campaign (for 2 adults) at the school during drop off in the morning (or pick up in afternoon). It's all positive and fun!

3. Have kids watch a quick video on ways to walk to school even for those who have to get a ride! Get parents to seriously consider dropping off further away from the school. It can be done! (Available online after September 15) Featuring Award winning drama team from Lord Beaverbrook High School.

4. Use a one minute video and original upbeat song to teach the right way to cross the street. Stop J-walking!Start a great discussion and really get everyone thinking. Featuring Calgary Hitmen, Stampeders, and Alberta Ballet.

5. Join in the poster contest for kids. Its very easy for teachers or families to do! Kids learn by creating something and then they internalize the message. Lots of recognition for students and schools! Prizes and awards will be given out at the gala event on November 6 at city hall.

6. Get the community to commit to being safer around the school. Simply send around this simple request for people to read and commit to.


Save the Date!

The School Traffic Safety Awards gala event will be November 6 at city hall (7pm). It will be a great way to bring Calgary together to focus on this important safety concern. Together we are making a difference. 


Coming up Saturday, Oct. 18

Intensive School Council/Association Training Seminar

We are putting together a Saturday workshop to train your school council executives. It is free. We are footing the bill and CBE is providing the location. It will be from 10am to 3pm at Western Canada High School. Lunch is included. Put it in your planner! You will not want to miss this one.

We will save 4 spots for each school's delegates. Focus will be on training for chairs, treasurers, secretaries, casino reps, and committee chairs. Alberta School Councils Association, CBE, other groups and experts will be there to  teach and train you. We are working to ensure that you have the skills you need to make your job this year easy!

Workshop details and registration coming in September's CAPSC Newsletter. Watch for it.


CAPSC Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 17

A.E.Cross Junior High School Library (3445 37 St. SW)

7pm - 8:45pm

Discussion on Inspiring Education: What does it mean for parents and students in Calgary? What are your thoughts on this? 

Also, regrouping for the new school year. What are school councils in Calgary planning for 2014/15. What is CAPSC going to be doing? What are your ideas for Calgary School Councils?

Join the discussion. We are often asked to give feedback on behalf of Calgary School Parents. Your voice at these meetings gets heard regularly all over Calgary and beyond. Your attendance actually makes a difference.



Any questions can be directed to

Have a good "back to school" week


The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)