Deputy Minister of Education Greg Bass to meet with Calgary Parents

Wednesday, September 17, 7 - 8:45pm

A.E. Cross Junior High School (3445 37th St. S.W.)

Deputy Minister of Education, Greg Bass, will be coming to Calgary to discuss "Inspiring Education" with us. Everyone is invited to attend. You can ask him all of your questions and find out what this means at the school level for your child.

Coming up Saturday, Oct. 18

Intensive School Council/Association Training Seminar

Time: 10am to 3pm

Location: Western Canada High School

Register here

You do NOT need to be a member of CAPSC to attend!

Concise, timely, training and help for school council/association chairs, secretaries, treasurers, casino reps, and committee leaders (we'll hold 4 spots for each public school). 

Alberta School Council Association, experts and professionals will be there to get you the skills and information that you need to make your job this year easy! "Training" is only the beginning of what will be there.This event is one of the biggest needs of the school councils in Calgary. We are packing a whole lot of help into one day.  Don't miss the opportunity to have it all delivered to you on a "silver platter"!

Cost: Free! We are paying for it so that you don't have to.

(Lunch is provided)


 School Traffic Safety in Calgary

Help circulate this petition working to make Calgary school streets safer for our kids. Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice, is collecting signatures to help our children and he could use your help. Please return the completed paper copy to his office or contact his office to make arrangements. 


CAPSC's own Calgary

School Traffic Safety Week

September 29 - October 3

Schools in Calgary can join together to do 6 simple things during this week that will make a big difference (materials approved by Calgary Police Services):

1. Email this brochure to parents. 

2. Do a simple 10 minute campaign (for 2 adults - volunteers) at the school.

3. Get parents to seriously consider dropping off further away from the school. It can be done! (Available online after September 15) Featuring Award winning drama team from Lord Beaverbrook High School.

4. Use a one minute video and original upbeat song to teach kids the right way to cross the street. Cool participants!

5. Join in the poster contest for kids. Its very easy for teachers to do!  Prizes and awards will be given out at the gala event on November 6 at city hall.

6. Send around this simple request for people/parents to read and commit to.  

Save the Date!

The School Traffic Safety Awards gala event will be November 6 at city hall (7pm). Together we are making a difference!  

Mayor Nenshi challenges kids to find active travel to school

visit and find out how you can help kids in Calgary to be healthier (parents too)! Walk, bike, rollerblade? Any active travel even part of the way to school is better for our kids. Share the website address. Spread the word!

Healthy Snacks as an option for fundraising?

Date:                    Wednesday September 24th, 2014

Time:                    2:00 – 6:00 pm

Location:              CBE Career and Technology Centre (Lord

Shaughnessy High School), 2336 53 Avenue Southwest, Calgary

Several School Boards are hosting a joint mini expo for schools and parent groups. Food retailers and fundraising vendors will showcase their menu items and/or fundraising items that meet healthier student friendly choices as outlined in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth and CBE AR 3047. 


We hope that these messages are helpful to you. As always, our goal is to assist school council's and school parents in Calgary, and, as always, you do not need to be a member of CAPSC to attend our meetings or participate in our events. If you have suggestions for us or feedback, we'd love to hear it. Please send your thoughts to


Karen Lloyd, President

The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)