Update for October, 2014


On October 14 the Calgary Board Education Board of Trustees changed their relationship with CAPSC. This change does not affect CAPSC services or scheduled meetings.** We will continue as planned with the 


this Saturday, October 18

10 am to 3 pm at Western Canada High School

(one final day to register at capsc.ca)


We will also hold a "Special meeting" in accordance with our bylaws on Wednesday, November 19 and invite our membership to plan future direction for the organization. We are in a strong position with money in the bank sufficient to continue to provide good service to Calgary School parents and councils for the remaining school year. We have also done much good in the community recently and are  widely recognized and appreciated. Our membership is growing in response to all of the work that we have done in Calgary. We look forward to continuing to serve schools and families in our city.

CAPSC is in support of the newly established CBE Council of School Councils. It is in accordance with the new Education Act for each school board to have this group established. It provides an official forum for communication between school councils and the board and will help to ensure that information between the two groups has an easy channel to travel. CAPSC executives have been in support of this group from it's infancy. As president, I will continue to support it.

As an organization, we still provide the ability for school parents to take action at a city-wide level. The school traffic safety work of CAPSC in the past 2 years is an excellent example of what CAPSC school parents can do to impact current situations in Calgary. We have also provided a voice for school parents to the community of Calgary which has been helpful in informing the public regarding parent perspectives in Calgary schools.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve Calgary school councils and school parents. Together we will continue to enhance and support education in this city.




Karen Lloyd


The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)


**P.S. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE TIMING OF THESE CHANGES, THE PLANNED SCHOOL TRAFFIC SAFETY AWARDS EVENT (Nov. 6 at city hall) WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. More information regarding the city-wide poster contest will be given later.





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