Dear Calgary School Parent:

I hope that you will take a minute to make a difference in Calgary education. There are 

3 Important things for you to do.

1. Please take a moment to share your ideas with the CBE about how you would like your voice to be represented to them. They have sent out the link for a 3 question survey that you have until Nov 14 to complete. CBE Survey about parent input and Council of School Councils (COSC)

2. Sign up your attendance at the November 19 meeting for school parents in Calgary to vote on the future of CAPSC. If you don't come, we might not continue to exist. Eventbrite sign up for November 19 meeting at Radisson Park School (2805 Radcliffe Dr. S.E.)

3. Go to the CAPSC website and fill out the short survey to get your feedback about CAPSC and any concerns that you would like to share about education.

Thank you very much!

We're all in this together as parents and all we want is success and happiness for our kids. These three things will help to make that more likely in Calgary.

Feel free to share this email with any Calgary School Parents that you think might appreciate giving their feedback to make things better.



Karen Lloyd


The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)