The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils



On Nov 19 school council representatives voted to keep CAPSC alive and strong. They also voted to have us continue as planned this coming school year. Thank you for your support and confidence in us.

We will continue to Say What You Want Us To Say, and Do What You Want Us To Do!


Here are 4 things that will help us to help you and your children:

 1. Spread the word about our online “CAPSC survey” which will be up until Wednesday, Nov 26. The more responses parents can log in before that time, the better for all school parents in Calgary.

 2. Join CAPSC as an individual member and ask parents that you know to do the same. If we grow our individual memberships we can strengthen our ability to speak directly to and for Calgary School Parents. Join CAPSC and add your voice to the other parents in this city so that we can really help our kids. 

 3. Take a minute to go to the CBE website and share your view regarding the vacant Trustee position. (When asked directly for your opinion by a school board, never fail to give it! We want to help better communication.) Survey closes Nov 24.

4. If you would like to have CAPSC be recognized as a stakeholder by the CBE board of Trustees, send them a letter to that effect. (One school council already did this.) 

Simply state that “The school parents of our school council would like to have CAPSC represent us at the board level as an official stakeholder.” The board may decide to have both COSC and CAPSC as school parent stakeholder representatives if they receive enough requests from school councils and individual school parents in Calgary.

(Stakeholder status allows us to have board support for meeting space, gives added credibility with the larger community, and means that the board may decide to assist us in communicating with city school councils.) 

If this is what you would like, I would suggest sending an email to  and include a copy to and


One last thing. Please tell us the names of good presenters or vendors that have helped your school community. The Trade Show Fair for city school councils is Wednesday, January 21 (Save the Date!) and we want to have all of the helpful groups and people there for city school councils to benefit from. It will be your "one stop shop" for school council/association help!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all that you do!


Karen Lloyd


The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC)