Petition to help the government be able to put more funds towards public education!

Get the petition and start collecting signatures (Very EASY for this topic!). Any resident of Alberta can sign. Be sure that they include their postal code with their address. (They do have to actually sign a hard copy in order to have it count in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.)

School councils in Alberta are legislated to be able to lobby. Your Principal may not be aware of this. Employees of the school board cannot be part of your lobbying, but school councils are legislated differently and are able to lobby. You can refer anyone who asks to Alberta School Council's Association. (1-800-661-3470)

Petitions collected at the AGM on Feb 18, or email and we'll come pick it up. If you have even just 5 signatures, we'll come and get them. 

Lets make a difference and work to help fill the funding gaps!


Next Meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 18

7 - 8:45 pm 

AE Cross School library (3445 37 St. S.W.)

Discussion on Education: Provincial and local


(AGM begins at 8:00 pm) 


Annual General Meeting

February 18, 2015



1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes of the February 26, 2014 Annual General Meeting

3. Welcome and Introductions

4. President’s Report and presentation of the Annual Report

5. First Call for Nominations for 2015/2016 Executive

6.  Presentation of the Financial Report

7. Second Call for Nominations

8. Presentation of the School Traffic Safety Committee Report

9. Third Call for Nominations

10. Election and Induction of Executive

11. Adjournment



What a Blast we had at the Calgary School Council Trade Show Fair!

42 presenters, 100 attendees, 68 school delegates, and at least 35 fabulous door prizes to give away. It was Great! A huge "Thank you" to everyone who made it a success, especially the Mayor's civic engagement committee, Alberta School Council's Association, Calgary Police Services, City of Calgary Traffic engineering, Alberta Traffic Safety - Calgary region, Telus for donating a blue tooth, and World's finest chocolate for overwhelming us with many huge and delicious door prizes. We hope you had a great time and learned a lot of helpful things. It was incredibly successful. We'll do it again for sure!