Petition to help the government be able to put more funds towards public education!

Get the petition and start collecting signatures (Very EASY for this topic!). The wording requirements are very particular which is why this petition is worded the way that it is. This wording has been approved. The power is in the number of signatures collected!

Any resident of Alberta over the age of 18 can sign. Be sure that they include their postal code with their address. (They do have to actually sign a hard copy in order to have it count in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.)

School parents are able to lobby. Employees of the school board cannot be part of your lobbying, but parents can certainly circulate the petition among themselves and the community.

Petitions can be collected at the AGM on Feb 18, or email and we'll come pick it up even if you have only 5 signatures. We need them by the end of February. Every little bit helps our kids and our schools!

You should also know that the Provincial Government has a survey to find out how you want to fill the funding gap in Alberta. Tell them!


Next Meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 18

7:00 - 8:45 pm 

AE Cross School library (3445 37 St. S.W.)

Discussion on Education in Alberta/Calgary

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We will be discussing the relevant happenings in our Province regarding the budget, education, and our schools. We are looking for your thoughts and feedback on the current situation of our schools here in Calgary. The notes from this meeting will be shared with the Board and with government leaders. 

Annual General Meeting

8:00pm to 8:45pm

Election of officers and reports of the past year's work (Agenda was sent our previously)


Do you have a passion for Public Education in Calgary? Do you want to make a difference? Can you spare 4 hours a month to do it?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you should be an executive member of CAPSC's board of directors. You get to impact the city and help our schools in a much bigger way. CAPSC is recognized locally and Provincially for its work in Calgary. We've done a lot and have really made a difference. Come join us for a year and help the school children, parents, and school councils of Calgary. You really can make a difference!

If the idea intrigues you, call President Karen Lloyd 403-90-9923 or email and find out more.