Dear Parents,

We are pleased to launch "Your School's Budget" calculator on our website at!

This calculator will show you how much of provincial school funding actually is reaching your school.  We note for a typical 650 child elementary school, 22% of funding, or $1,150,000 is diverted away from front line services.  This model assumes all special needs funding reaches the classroom, but that is not something we can determine at this time.

We also note that School Councils have the legal right under the Education Act to obtain this information should they ask for it.  However, we also know that some of our members have had trouble receiving this information, which is why we have asked CBE Chair Joy Bowen-Eyre to ensure the CBE posts this information on the website within 5 business days.

We note the current provincial budget requires a cut to non-teaching positions only.  School Boards may not reduce the number of front line teachers.

We encourage you to obtain a copy of your current school budget, and then obtain your new school budget when it is given to your principal over the next 2 weeks.  You will want to ensure there are no teaching positions cut to your schools, in compliance with the Minister's direction.

If you are a high school, please contact us once you have received your budget, and we can assist with preparing the comparison if you would like.

Michael McIntosh
Interim President, CAPSC