What does it cost?

Membership is FREE for an individual parents.

Become a CAPSC member today – it’s free for individual parents! School councils are $50 for one year or $80 for a two year membership. If your council can’t afford the fee, please contact us at The larger our membership, the more impact we can have for you in education and the more resources we have to create solutions. 

We thank our corporate sponsor, Denim & Smith Barbershops, for donating membership dues to ensure all parents and councils can be part of our organization.  It is our current policy to keep membership free, as we understand that school parents have limited budgets. We do not want financial limitations to keep those voices from being heard.

However, CAPSC is a volunteer organization. We now rely fully on memberships and donations to fund our meetings, initiatives and events, and appreciate those of you who do support us through financial contributions. 

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter when you join, so we can keep you up to date and get input on educational issues. We are often asked by the media to comment on current events, and want to hear your perspective. This allows us to more accurately reflect the collective views of Calgary school parents.


Organization Details

Schools can mail your cheque payable to ‘The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils’ to:

The Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils
#92, 305 – 4625 Varsity Dr. NW
Calgary, AB T3A 0Z9

Also be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter when you join so that we can let you know what’s happening and get your input on educational issues. We are often asked by the media to comment and we try to ensure that we accurately reflect the collective views of Calgary school parents when we do.

What do we do with membership fees?

The small fee charged for memberships allows us to do those things that will serve all of the school parents and councils in Calgary. It is our policy to keep all of our assistance to school councils and parents at low cost or free. (We are school parents too and we know the pinch!)

All resources are used according to our bylaws, and just in case you didn’t know, we are volunteers (just like the parents on the school councils that we serve).

For more information on membership, please e-mail or contact us.