One Principal’s Opinion on School Councils


At our October 18, 2014 Training Seminar for School Councils/Associations we were pleased to have a recently retired school principal speak to us regarding his experience with School Councils. It was incredibly helpful to hear the Administrators side of things.

Here are the thoughts of that school Principal relating to School Councils: sage advice for us all!

One Principal’s Opinion on School Council 

School Council, as the official representative of the parents, forms an important cornerstone of the three key stakeholders that constitute the overall school community. The other two, being students and staff. This is why principals value their school councils because of the fresh perspectives and tireless contributions that councils bring to student learning and to schools in general. 

For me, trust and mutual respect form the basis of the successful relationship that has to exist between the school principal and his or her council. If after all, as is mandated in our province’s School Act, a school council is to serve in an advisory role to the principal, and by extension the school, then a high level of rapport and comfort have to exist between the two sides. Nothing less, in my opinion, will bring about the positive change that is desired from both sides for the sake of students and their learning. 

Furthermore, it is incumbent that both principal and school council always engage each other so as to take their respective work to the highest level. Principals need to continuously keep their council informed about the “work” and school council needs to “seek to understand” by continuously asking questions and looking at the issues through a constructively critical eye so as to best assist the principal with his or her work. In essence, both sides are constantly working together as one team.