Council Training Seminar

On October 18, 2014, CAPSC held an Intensive School Council/Association Training Seminar. This event allowed council executives to learn about their legislated roles and how to effectively support their school communities.

We had just over 80 school council executives collect for an incredible five-hour training session. Thanks to the Calgary Board of Education, Principal Martin Pourier, and VP Darrin Whitebread for the use of Western Canada High School and technical support. What a great location for us all to meet. We are grateful to our volunteer session leaders and to the Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) for providing information, tools and support.  Researcher and expert Dr. Jim Brandon of U of C shared his work, explaining how school councils can be effective and make a difference. We also thank An Affair to Remember for the lovely luncheon.



John Pantazopoulos, VP of CAPSC and CFA, teaches school council treasurers what they need to know when it comes to managing council money effectively and safely.


Jim Cox, professional casino adviser gives his tips to eager ears.


“A great big huge thank you for Saturday.  What a great day!  I’ve been to my fair share of Professional Development courses and your day was one of the best.  Your lineup was engaging and interesting.  Thank you! I look forward to more.”

“From my perspective, you sure put on a excellent event for all participants. Kudos”

“Just wanted to thank you for the amazing training session on Saturday. I’m full of information and excited to make a difference at (my school).”