Your School’s Budget

Dear Schools:

We have developed a calculator for elementary and junior high schools that will show how much of provincial education funding is actually reaching your school.  We note the current provincial education budget mandates that no cuts be made to teachers, and this tool will allow you to compare this year’s school budget with next year’s school budget.

In order to complete this budget, you will need to get a copy of your school’s RAM budget from your principal.  RAM stands for “Resource Allocation Method” and it is the formula driven budget the CBE head office gives to principals to allocate their funding. 

We note that Parent Councils have the right under the Education Act for this, and to provide advice on the budget.  We recognize that principals have the ultimate decision making authority, but also not that Parent Councils have the right to provide input should they decide to do so.

In order to protect confidentiality of individual salaries, you can indicate to your principal that he can black out a person’s specific salary information, but the totals should remain present.  It is not the intent of this exercise to reveal individuals salaries.

If you need help in putting this together, or you are having difficulty getting your school’s budget, please advise us so we may assist in this regard.

typical elementary budget spreadsheet

CBE RAM Book 2015/16

CBE RamBook 2014-15

AB Education 2014-2015 funding manual for school authorities